Importance of the face mask

Face masks?? Is this a problem? We can say face masks are one of the most important things in these days. Sometimes it won’t be a familiar wearable for you. But during this pandemic WHO recommends you wear a face mask because it will lead to preventing your and other lives from the coronavirus.

Coronavirus can remain up to 3hours in the air; hence there is a real risk to infect through the air.

A face mask is the best option to prevent the air infection of the coronavirus. So you need a comfortable and approbated face mask to wear. Let’s look at some important factors about the face masks.

What is a face mask?

A face mask is a wearable thing that covers your nose and mouth. It is a familiar wearable for the persons who work in the medical sector and the laboratories but it will be unfamiliar with the civilians. There are seven types of the face masks but impotent to wear an approbated mask.

What is the usage of the face mask?

It directly helps you to prevent germs and viruses in the air. When infected people cough, talk, and sneeze micro size drops with the virus are mix with the air then someone berthing he or she exposes to the virus easily. But face mask can reduce the amount of drop with a virus that adds to the environment. It helps to reduce the spreading of the virus.

Who should wear a face mask?

Infected persons and the medical officers who work among the patients must be worn face masks but a healthy person also good to wear a face mask to prevent the infection, especially when they come outside from the home.

Guide to wear face mask

Before touch, you face mask wash your hands thoroughly using soap and water or use a proper hand sanitizer.

Make sure whether the face mask has the proper quality wear without any holes or damages.

Find the correct side of the mask using its color. (Usually front side of the mask has a bright color than the backside).

Close completely your nose and the mouth using the face mask.

Use ear lops or ties to hold the mask on your face.

Guide to remove the face mask

Remove the face mask when it became moist. Then wash your hands using soap and water. When removing the face mask put your mask into a dustbin that has a lid.

Never use a disposable face mask gain and gain, once you remove the mask from the face depose it correctly.

Mainly there are two types of face masks as disposable and reusable. After using disposable facemasks you have to dispose of this type of masks away and reusable facemasks can use again and again after washing thoroughly.

Different type of face masks

N95 respirators-According to the U.S.National institute for occupational safety and health air filtration rating this type of face mask can filter 95% of airborne particles.

Surgical Face Masks-Usually the health care officers use this type of face masks.

Homemade face masks-Everyone can make a face mask at home. But have to respond to cover the nose and the mouth.

We encourage you were a proper face mask that can protect you from the virus infection.

Stay home! Stay safe!

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