Best Smartwatches in Singapore

Smartwatches today have become a very popular fashion statement among both men and women. Not does this look fancy on your wrist, it can make you smart and also become very helpful in replacing your phone and of course your ordinary wristwatch. Here we discuss the 10 best smartwatches in Singapore, out of which we believe you will find your ideal choice.

Our Top Picks

1.Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

With a Tizen 4.0 operating system and a 1.15 GHz Dual Core Processor with 4GB internal storage, the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch is way smarter than you can imagine.

You can now keep track of your sleep routines, monitor heart rate, and calorie amount and also work on your stress management as well. This device can go up to 4 days with a single charge, and what’s more fun; you have a wireless charger that comes with this device, so say goodbye to old-fashioned wires.

You can ensure the quality of this product because of its military-grade durability and water-resistant features that will stop you from nothing.

Schedule your activities, check the weather forecast, make phone calls, respond to text messages, check headlines, check your steps and go safely to places with GPS instructions.

This sums up to become one of the best smartwatches in Singapore.

        Key Features

  • Comes in two sizes and three colors to choose
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • In built speakers and microphone and bluetooth connectivity
  • Includes five sensor types like the HR Sensor, Light Sensor, Barometer
  • Best budget smartwatch in Singapore

2.TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Cellular Smartwatch

The TicWatch Pro is a smart and rugged option designed with knurled stainless steel bezel, corning Gorilla glass, IP68 waterproof and military-grade durability certified.

This device can track your walking/ running pace and swim speed using TicMotion technology, making it a great fitness companion.

Customers using the Verizon Phone Plan can activate the 4G/LTE feature and access more options like remote smart home controls, stream music, make phone calls and many more.

Key Features

  • Includes smart mode and essential mode and 6 smart sports modes
  • 24hr heart rate monitoring using TicPulse Technology
  • Dual-layered ALOMED/LCD screen
  • I8 hrs long battery life on cellular usage

3.Fitbit FB507RGPE Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 is an aesthetic smart choice that will become your new health and fitness coach.

Take care of your heart with the new advanced heart rate sensors, make sure you sleep well and watch out for your calorie burn and other health notifications with the Fitbit Versa 2.

You can include up to six card details (debit/credit) and make your payments with your smartwatch and enjoy a vast array of apps and special features.

Key Features

  • Works with Windows Mobile, Android and iOS operating systems
  • In built Amazon Alexa
  • More than 6 hrs day battery life

4.Fitbit Versa Lite

This is yet another aesthetic smartwatch by Fitbit which fits both men and women. Just like the Versa 2, the Versa Lite is water-resistant, swim-proof, tracks your body condition and has connected GPS.

This comes with the necessary smart features you would expect from a smartwatch and thus makes a good deal for all out there who crave for good looks and aesthetic designs.

This makes a good budget smartwatch in Singapore.

               Key Features

  • Battery life lasts 4 days
  • Selection of colours available
  • 24hr heart rate monitoring
  • Simple one button design

5.Garmin Instinct Smartwatch

The Garmin Instinct Smartwatch is the ultimate robust and rugged partner you would want to share your expeditions with. This tough cookie is scratch resistant and has a military standard durability certification for thermal, shock and water resistance.

Not just that, this device can connect to the Garmin Online Fitness Community to bring you more smart features by tuning to smart notifications.

If you ever get lost in nowhere, have no fear, the TracBack feature can take you back to your starting point safely. Moreover, plan your upcoming vacation with the Garmin Explore Website and app and enjoy the benefits. With all these comfort, this becomes one of the best smartwatches in Singapore

Key Features

  • GPS, GLONASS and Galileo supported for extreme navigation
  • Battery life up to 14 days, and 40 hours on UltraTrac battery saver mode
  • Navigate heart rate, stress level and health condition

6.Amazfit T-Rex

If you desire a rugged wearable that can withstand any tough conditions just as you can, the Amazfit T- Rex is surely your type.

This device can last long up to almost 2 weeks of typical use and more than 2 months with basic watch mode and offers 20 continuous hours of GPS, so you don’t have to worry of you abusing your smartwatch without a charger.

This is an ideal outdoor watch as it an array of optical, acceleration, geomagnetic and light sensors. Altogether, this makes one of the best smartwatches in Singapore.

               Key Features

  • 1.3” AMOLED with a 360 x 360 pixels resolution
  • Supports above Android 5.0 and iOS 10.0
  • Military standard certification and water-resistant
  • GPS and GLONASS navigation

7.Huawei Watch GT

The Huawei smartwatches have always inspired its customers with the latest technology trends and minimalistic aesthetic designs, which perhaps is the reason for its acclaim.

What makes this special is the self-developed HUAWEI Kirin A1 chip which has an advanced power-saving technology to keep your watch alive for almost a week. This comes with amazing benefits of 30 hours phone talk time, precise health state monitors and more added benefits are accessible across the Huawei Health App.

The overall performance of this smartwatch replaces your phone, and thus can be regarded as one of the best smartwatches in Singapore.

Key Features

  • AMOLED display with high-quality 3D glass face
  • 15 pre-installed workout modes with professional guidance to ensure perfect fitness
  • GPS and GLONASS navigation options
  • Bluetooth connectivity available

8.Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch

This piece of smart technology is dedicated to all out there who desire to enjoy the comfort of smart technology. The Garmin Forerunner is ideal for a fitness partner as it can tell your heart rate all 24hrs using Garmin Elevate Wrist Heart Rate Technology.

Other than this, it can also measure your calorie intake, count your steps and automatically uploads your data to Garmin Connect where you can get fitness tips, take fitness challenges and share your progress when you reach your goal.

The most interesting thing about this is that this has a run/walk mode where the watch reminds you when you have to run and when you have to slow down based on your fitness.

Key Features

  • GPS tracking using satellites to navigate where you are, how far you are, how fast you go and even where you run
  • Smart connectivity with your smartphone
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and above
  • Vibration alerts to notify you of things
  • High resolution suiting both indoor and outdoor use

9.Huawei Watch GT 2

This proves to be a much advanced version compared to the above mentioned two. It too is modified using the HUAWEI Kirin A1 chip with advanced power saving technology which can keep your watch alive for two weeks!

With attractive minimalistic designs, and the usual precise health state monitors with TruSeen 3.5, TruSleep 2.0 and TruRelax Pressure Monitoring which is improved to diagnose your sleep issues and provide you working solutions.

Key Features

  • AMOLED display with high quality 3D glass face
  • Holds up to 500 songs and pairs with HUAWEI Free Buds 3
  • Bluetooth connectivity available
  • Smart options include notifications from social media apps and other apps
  • Discover features like alarm, flashlight, stopwatch and Find My Phone

10.UMIDIGI Uwatch2

This device is designed to not let you down when it comes to fashion and performance. With a battery that lasts for 10 days with a single charge, there’s a lot of potential within this device.

Just like any other, this device can track your calorie intake, blood pressure, count your steps ad even make a 24hr surveillance of your heart activity and also monitor your sleep and analyze your sleep quality, ensuring sound sleep.

This also ensures your fitness routine in providing 7 sport modes for fitness activity. You can now easily synchronize your exercise data with the Da Fit app, for added convenience.

You can now easily adjust the brightness levels to suit your surrounding manually and also control your audio tracks without your phone. This comes with a selection of multiple clock faces to suit your mood, occasion and gender.

This is a stylish unisex option, and altogether we believe that this makes one of the best smartwatches in Singapore.

Key Features

  • 1.3” full touch IPS colour screen
  • IP67 Waterproof Fitness Tracker
  • Remote control camera available
  • Smartwatch alerts and notifications

Why do I need a Smartwatch?

With a perfectly ticking analog watch and a smartphone in hand, you must be wondering, why would I possibly need a smartwatch? Well, your opinion must have possibly changed after viewing our review on some of the best smartwatches in Singapore.

With all those amazing benefits and possibilities, life is simplified and presented to you in the ‘wrist’ of your hand, which is too good to look away. But don’t judge yet, there are some cool things that your smartwatch can do which your smartphone can’t.

Check out the guide below which talks about the benefits and advantages of everyone having a smartwatch.

1.Check notifications faster

Once you tie your watch in your hand, it stays longer with you than your phone. So technically, you can check your emails, social media feed, receive or send texts, or even access documents faster than you can with a phone. You can stay tuned with your friends, family, workspace all at the ease in your wrist.

2.Make phone calls without your phone

No longer would you need your phone in hand to make or answer a call, as long as you have your smartwatch connected via Bluetooth with your phone.

Imagine yourself in a packed bus or train and suddenly your phone rings from your pocket or your backpack. You might not be able to reach your pockets and take your phone out, let alone getting it out from your backpack. That’s when your smartwatch comes handy,

3.Healthy reminders and tips

The modern smartwatches are now designed with advanced health apps that provide valuable information to the user. You can easily check your heart rate, track down your sleep routine, count your steps, focus on diet, measure your water intake stress levels and also workout under professionally designed workout programs.

Some watches can diagnose certain irregularities in the body and can recommend you with workable solutions.  You can also download more vitality apps as you desire and maintain a healthy life.

4.Know where you go

With constantly advancing GPS technologies and introducing GLONASS and Galileo navigation, tracking locations have been extremely simplified. Some watches have the ability to lead you back to your starting point, and also comes with the usual features of showing you traffic details and the fastest way to get wherever. The watch vibrates and tells you before making a turn, which is convenient to use when driving.

5.Stay connected always

There are times when you would want to have to your smartphone at hand, but you can’t. Instances like when you are cycling, running or at exercise, the smartphone becomes handy in giving you a sneak peek on your latest messages, the number of likes and comments on your Insta post or simply whatever.

This becomes the best option when you are underwater, and you don’t have to worry about getting your watch wet, because it is water resistant.

6.Stays alive longer than your phone

You probably might have noticed this feature in our review where we spoke of watches that last up to some 7 to 14 days which is uncompared to your smartphone.

Imagine yourself hiking or camping for longer than a week. Your phone will not last that long with a single charge, but your smartwatch will. You can easily do all you want to do with your smartwatch removing your smartphone from the scenario.

What do you think now of your option in placing hands on a good smartwatch? It sure is worth the price and benefits. We hope this information helped you in one way or another in making a good deal in making a smart choice in a good smartwatch.

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