12 Best Irons in India

Do you like to wear a neat dress? No option, you really need one of the best irons in India.

You all like to wear neat and clean dresses. Especially if you’re working at an office or if you have school children you know the importance of neat dresses. All you know after washing clothes you need to iron washed clothes then those clothes become neat. That’s why iron becomes a must-have appliance in every home.

Already you are very familiar with irons so you know how to use it properly. But in the market we can find various types of iron that come from various brands so how can you choose the best one? Without choosing the proper iron you can’t iron clothes properly.

Some cheap products can be waste your time and those types make ironing so complicated. Therefore we decided to give you the clear buying tips for irons and we introduce you to the best irons in India. Our reviews and tips definitely help you to choose one of the best irons in India.

1. Philips GC181 Heavy Weight 1000-Watt Dry Iron

Philips GC181 is a 1.6 kg heavy dry iron that ensures the perfect ironing for your garments. This Philips iron has heavy soleplate to give you a smooth and shiny look for your clothes. This soleplate has a black coating to improve its durability and it prevents sticking clothes with the soleplate.

This iron especially has an ergonomic grip to ease your experience of ironing and manufacturers have used shockproof material to keep the handle cool and especially it prevents your hand from shocks.

You have a circular switch to control the heat, the way you need hence you can keep away your garments from unwanted burnings.

  • Durable and heavy soleplate
  • Easy to control the temperature
  • Easy to iron
  • Auto-off pilot light
  • Handle of the iron is not steady, have to careful when using it.

2. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray

Steam iron is a better option for perfect results for your clothes. This Philips iron has become one of the best steam irons in India because of its hassle-free experience in ironing.

Water tank of a steam iron sometimes will be a problem for users because filling and emptying water won’t be easy but with this steam iron, it is not a problem anymore because of the huge emptying hole.

If you use a steam iron, you have to keep it horizontally when you don’t use it because it helps you to prevent water leakage. Don’t fill the tank completely from water and also give some time to heat before use it.

  • Easy to filling and emptying the water tank
  • Easy to gliding on every fabric
  • Spray stream evenly
  • Plastic body is not the best

3. Philips EasySpeed GC1026/30 2000-Watt Soleplate Steam Iron

This Philips EasySpeed GC1026/30 2000-Watt iron gives you a quick experience of ironing. With the help of 2000 watts it a less time to heat up than other irons and it can provide a constant high steam output.

Philips EasySpeed GC1026/30 2000-Watt iron is super effective in its steaming process because it cam boosts steam up to 90g, therefore, it doesn’t remain any type of creases on your clothes.

Soleplate of the iron is also one of the best pars in this iron. It is coated with a special non-stick coat that prevents sticking clothes on its surface and glides nicely on any type of cloth.

If you expecting a high-end hassle-free experience this is the best iron in India which has all valuable features.

  • Non-stick soleplate
  • Even steam distribution
  • Vertical steam feature for hanging clothes
  • Scratch resistance soleplate
  • Little bit high-priced

4. Black & Decker Appliances BD BXIR2401IN 2400-Watt Steam Iron

If you expecting a commercial-grade ironing this will be the best iron in India. Without any inconvenience ergonomic feature of this Black & Decker 2400-Watt Steam Iron helps you for fast quick ironing.

This iron has an auto shut off feature for safety and when the iron keeps steady in vertical or horizontal position it is automatically shut off and it will help to save the electricity bill.

Ceramic coated soleplate of the iron is very durable and is responsible for even heat distribution. Soleplate glides on any kind of fabric and it remains no creases.

  • Auto shut off feature
  • Durable soleplate
  • Prevent water dripping from soleplate
  • Self-clean function
  • Large water tank
  • Little bit high-priced

5. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

Morphy Richard Super Glide iron really glides superbly in any type of fabric. 46 steam holes prove the effective hassle-free ironing for every fabric and it let you save ironing time.

With help of 150g turbo shout it erases all the creases on your garment and also you can use the water spray feature for more neatness.

This iron allows you vertical stemming when you hang your clothes vertically. When you use this vertically you don’t want to worry about the weight because of this so lightweight for the vertical steaming.

  • Save your time and energy
  • Include the vertical steaming feature
  • Even heat distribution
  • Easy to refill the water tank
  • The length of the cord wire is short.

6. Havells Glydo 1000 Watt Dry Iron

When you ironing in a lot of time your ironing range can be limited from the cord iron, therefore, this Havells Glydo is the best option for this issue. With the help of the 360-degree swivel cord, you move the iron as the way you like.

Easy use temperature control dial lets you set the exact heat and aerodynamic design helps for easy moving on the fabric. There is a non-stick soleplate for better gliding on any type of fabric and non-stick coating helps to prevent sticking clothes on the soleplate.

Manufactures have included a pilot light to indicate the heating status of the iron.

This will be the best iron in India for this mid-price range.

  • Easy move on fabric
  • Prevent sticking clothes on the soleplate
  • Heat-up indicator
  • Safe the electric wire from cord winder
  • Take considerable time to heat.

7. Havells D’zire 1000-Watt Dry Iron

This Havells dry iron has all the useful features that you need for regular ironing. Must have non-stick soleplate smoothly drifts on every fabric and it has a triangular-shaped slab to iron every part of your garments.

When you are ironing you can control the heat using the selector knob of the iron and it has a fine grip that never slips your finger around the knob and also pilot light indicates the heating status of the iron.

360 swivel cord proves the flexibility of the cord hence you can move iron freely as you expect. When we consider the security of the iron, Havells includes thermal fuse to protect the iron from overheating.

  • Flexible cable
  • Temperature controller knob
  • Indicate the heating status
  • Protect from overheating.
  • The plastic body is not the best.

8. Usha EI 3602 1000-Watt Lightweight Dry Iron

Proud Indian brand USHA introduces its EI 3602 iron with a lot of valuable features for a very reasonable price. This USHA iron has a PTEF coated non-stick soleplate that prevents sticking clothes on the soleplate.

The lightweight body helps you for easy moving and the extra-long cable proves the better reach on the clothes. These two features make this iron as a user-friendly iron which suit for any age limit.

Manufactures give a shockproof body and handle for further safety of the user and thermal fuse is responsible for the over-hating when iron reaches the maximum heat iron automatically shuts off and avoids the fabric damages.

  • Easy to move
  • Shockproof body and handle
  • Extra-long cord for better reach
  • Control the overheating
  • No water spray feature.

9. Inalsa Steam Iron Hercules

Inalsa Hercules steam iron is one of the best irons in India for mid-price range. Anyone can’t underestimate this iron when we compare with other high-end irons because Inalsa Hercules steam iron has all the features that steam iron must-have.

Non-stick soleplate prevents sticking clothes on the soleplate and it can a nice glide on any type of fabric. Auto shut off feature effectively reduces the power consumption and it protects the iron from overheating.

Inalsa Hercules steam iron has a self-clean feature to clean steam pots and remove all the calcium carbonates that remain in steam pots, so you don’ t want to worry about the cleaning process of iron.

  • Indicate the heating status
  • Large water tank
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Easy to filling and emptying the water tank
  • Get some time iron

10. USHA heavyweight iron

Another iron from the USHA brand that works as dry iron and this iron is one of the best irons in India in the heavyweight category. Though you feel some weight heavyweight irons give the neatness that you expect.

This iron has a thermal fuse to control overheating and it protects the fabrics from burnings. American Heritage soleplate glides well on fabric and gives better ironing.

USHA heavyweight iron has a temperature controller and heat up indicator like other irons and gives you a user-friendly experience.

  • Simple to use
  • Protection for overheating
  • Durable soleplate
  • Indicates the heating status
  • Get some time to heat

11. Panasonic 1000 Watt Iron

This is another best dry iron that comes from the Panasonic brand. When comparing the price with other dry irons, this one belongs to the high-end category that has all the features for better ironing.

This is a heavyweight campaigner that can give 6-pound pressing power for the cloth and it means this can give super neatness in a single around.

This iron comes with 6 temperature settings that allow you to iron various types’ of fabrics without any trouble and it has a better grip with a buttonhole that gives extra freedom for the thumb.

  • Adjustable swivel cord
  • Better grip
  • Non-stick soleplate
  • Very durable
  • High priced

12. Panasonic NI-100DX 240 V Cordless Seterika tanpa kord

This is cordless iron that gives you better portability and it makes no limitations for you. If you anger with cord wires of the irons this will be the best option for you.

Panasonic NI-100DX ha s6 temperature settings that suit with your all types of fabrics and comes with an ergonomic grip that gives you a hassle-free wireless experience.

If you hope to use wireless iron you need to set up a special power adapter to charge the iron but it is not a difficult thing if you get advice from an electric shop.

  • Portability
  • Non-stick soleplate
  • Can control the temperature
  • Easy to use
  • High priced (because of the wireless feature)

Our recommendations about the best irons in India

Today we introduced you to the best irons in India and we will help you to compare them and select the best one for you.

We present you 2 types of irons as Dry and steam. Dry irons are always simple and they are very durable. If you expect a perfect quality and you hope to remove all types of creases that you find in your fabrics, steam iron is the best option for you.

Therefore we can’t measure both categories according to the same measurements so let’s compare these two types separately.

Dry irons:

The following irons have the same qualities and both are heavyweight irons. And also both are in the same price range.

  • Philips GC181 Heavy Weight 1000-Watt Dry Iron
  • USHA heavyweight iron heavyweight

Panasonic 1000 Watt Iron is also heavyweight iron but the price margin is a little bit high. It means this Panasonic iron is a high-quality product and we can consider this iron as one of the best irons in India.

The following irons are in the same price range and they are lightweight.

  • Havells Glydo 1000 Watt Dry Iron
  • Havells D’zire 1000-Watt Dry Iron
  • Usha EI 3602 1000-Watt Lightweight Dry Iron

Panasonic NI-100DX 240 V Cordless Seterika tanpa kord is something special because it is a cordless iron and it is also a dry iron.

Steam irons:

Following irons has similar features and both give you an average performance.

  • Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray
  • Inalsa Steam Iron Hercules

You can expect high-end performances from following irons and they have some special techniques to solve the water dripping issue but they are little bit expensive than other steam irons.

  • Black & Decker Appliances BD BXIR2401IN 2400-Watt Steam Iron
  • Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron
  • Philips EasySpeed GC1026/30 2000-Watt Soleplate Steam Iron

Dry iron VS. Steam iron

Dry irons are simple to use and no issue. You can use this type of irons to remove wrinkles and the creases of the fabrics. But sometimes some stubborn creases and wrinkles may remain on the clothes.

Steam irons can remove all types of wrinkles and crease of your clothes and it has a water tank to provide the steam to clothes and it helps to spray water to the clothes. These features really help for better ironing.

But steam irons are little complex than dry irons because they some extraordinary features, as well as some steam irons, has a water dripping issue which causes to wet your clothes.

Consider before buying the best irons in India

Type of the iron

If you expecting a commercial type ironing, go for a steam iron that can be responsible for all types of wrinkles. And also you can use steam irons as a dry iron when you want.

On the other hand, if you are an occasional user, don’t waste money for steam iron and go for a dry iron. These are very easy to use and very durable.

Temperature settings

This is a must-have feature in every iron and these temperature settings important to set the proper heat that suit for different type of fabrics. In steam irons, you can generate a variable amount of steam and dry irons also have a rotatable switch to control the heat of the soleplate.

Spray feature

This feature is another nice to have feature in an iron. Before you iron your clothes, you can moisten your clothes and it will help you to remove the creases easily.


In modern-day, all the irons have soleplates that are coated from nonstick material which helps you to prevent sticking clothes on the soleplate. Stainless steel and ceramic soleplate is the best options for a soleplate.

And the soleplate should be glide nicely on any type of fabric.


Cord wire of iron is a very important factor. The first thing is it should be a safe one that has an outer cover that prevents the leaking electricity. Having a fabric outer cover is the best safety option of a cord wire.

The next thing is flexibility. Flexible cable allows you to move the iron as you want and it makes ironing hassle-free. Having a 360-degree swivel cord is an extra advantage of an iron for better moving.

If you can spend more money cordless iron is the best for you. Because it makes no limitation when ironing and it makes iron into a fully portable device.


If you use iron for a longer period lightweight irons are the best option for you and they are easy to move. But some irons are branded as heavyweight and these types of irons can provide some extra pressure for the clothes and it will be an extra advantage to remove the creases.

Automatic shut-off

This feature is for control the overheating and it prevents your clothes from unwanted burnings. When you are ironing for a long period the soleplate comes to dangerous heat that can damage your clothes.

Then the iron automatically shut-off and the heat of the soleplate begins to reduce. When it comes to low heat, iron automatically on and begins heat again.


Irons that have higher wattage get less time heat up and they can produce a high heat that you need for some stubborn clothes. In the steam iron category, high wattage helps to produce a large amount of steam fatly.

But keep in mind high wattage may cause to increase your electricity bill.

Guide to use an iron

After you purchase one of the best irons in India, you need to know some common tips about ironing. Sometimes already you know these facts but we decided to remember these tips step by step. If you stick with these facts you will be able to get maximum usage from your iron and it will help you for perfect ironing without facing any troubles.

1. Collect all the equipment before switch on

First of all, you need an iron board and an old cloth that protect delicate fabrics before you turn the iron on. Don’t switch on before you collect the equipment that you want. It may lead to waste the electricity and can happen some accidents.

2. Categorize your clothes

When you ironing different types of clothes you need to sort out them according to the material of the clothes. Some materials like silk need less heat but hard materials like denim need more heat. Always begin to iron from a material that needs the lowest heat and then you can go gradually for hard materials.

3. Stay until the iron is heating up

Stay unlit heat up indicator tells that iron is ready to use. Don’t use a cool iron which didn’t heat because it wastes your time and effort.

4. Use a damp cloth

You can’t directly iron some delicate fabrics like wool because they easily burn out. Before iron these kinds of materials, use a damp cloth for protection. (To ensure the type of the fabric check the label.)

5. Moisten the fabrics before iron

You need to spay water for materials like polyester and cotton before ironing. It leads to better results and helps to remove the wrinkles and creases easily.

Safety tips to use an iron

Iron is an appliance that generates harmful heat for humans therefore you must be careful when you use it. Especially if you have small kids always try to keep iron away from them.

Look for an iron that has enough safety features

These safety features keep away you from unwanted accidents and burnings.

Treat quickly

If your hand suddenly burns, quickly move your hand into cool running water. It reduces the damage that can happen and then goes for medical treatment.

Don’t use things like ice, oil, butter that can be harmful for the skin.

Don’t keep a hot iron face down

This may cause to start a fire. Always keep a hot iron upright at least 10 minutes until it cools down.

Keep irons away from children

Hot iron can be very dangerous for small children who can’t understand the danger of a hot iron. Therefore use a proper iron board that your little ones can’t reach.


Now you have a vast knowledge about irons and already you will have selected the best iron from our list. As a must-have appliance iron plays a vital role in our day to day life.

Therefore you should select a proper iron that gives a hassle-free experience when ironing. We introduced you to the best irons in India and comprehensively we review each item to help you to select the best one.

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