12 Best Inverters in India

Everything we work on today is powered by electricity. It is the force that keeps everything tied together until a power cut and then we are doomed. Frequent power cuts can cause interruptions and delays which ultimately sums up to our loss by the end of the day. That’t why the best inverters in India come to play.

In India, power cuts can last sometimes for a few minutes or even to a couple of hours resulting with a loss of work to all the people who rely on an interrupted power supply.

Well if that’s the case, then your best remedy to get your work done in smooth motion, change into an all new inverter, which helps you work uninterrupted despite power cuts. But then, how do you know which one to buy? This is exactly what we will help you answer by the end of this article, introducing to you the 12 best inverters in India, and a few facts we would want you to draw your attention to.

1.Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sineware UPS Inverter

This is a genius invention that can save your work by supplying a good load of electricity to multiple appliances in your house and save the day. This has a single 756W battery with 900 VA capacity that can power up your home during power cuts. This is a safe and protective object to deal with as the lines are protected through MCB protection.

Maintenance is also easy as this has a LED display which informs the user of the status of the inverter including the battery power back up and time it takes for charging.

This outputs a 600W power which can be fairly enough for house appliances in India. This inverter is an all efficient and power-saving tool which offers all the service you need from an inverter at home. Because of all these options, it has a hassle-free maintenance requirement.

Key features

  • Battery charging displays in hours and minutes
  • Bypass switch for convenience
  • 32 bit DSP processor

When we think about the the noise and premium built quality this will be one of the best inverters in India.

  • Fairly noiseless operation
  • Supports a range of batteries
  • Compatible with both flat and tubular batteries
  • Battery not included during purchase

2.Luminous Zelio 1700 Sine Wave UPS

This is the latest product offered by Luminous which is a company that specializes in this industry, therefore you don’t have to worry about counting on their products. This is a 1260W powered inverter that supports two batteries for optimum performance.

This can be suitable for both home and office use because of its 1200W maximum output and low harmonic distortion which makes this a noiseless inverter.

Key features

  • Works with a 24V double batteries
  • MCB protection
  • Can be used as an inverter for computers too
  • Bypass switch available for faulty situations
  • LED Display to show the status
  • Battery not included in the purchase
  • Costly option
  • Heavy and bulky

3.Microtek UPS 24A-7Hb 1125Va Hybrid Sineware Inverter

This is a 12V inverter that comes with many advantageous features for your budget price. You can run sensitive appliances using this without making a huge publicity, thanks for its noiseless operation.

What really makes this amazing is its 900W power output which is a stunning performance, therefore it can be useful at home and even for small offices. This is a very reputed company, as it was the first to ISO certified company in India, so you can readily trust their products’ longevity without a doubt.

Key features

  • Battery Gravity Management feature
  • Guaranteed battery life by IBGM technology
  • Automatic Trickle Mode (ATM) charging
  • Presence of overload sensors
  • Fast charging
  • Inbuilt bypass switch
  • Single battery power

4.Microtek UPS SEBz 1100 VA

This is an inverter built with a micro-controller based batter management system which operates with low harmonics causing less noise. This is an ideal inverter for electronic appliances and this best suits for home use due to its energy efficiency. This inverter is 100V-300V powered and has a switchover time less than 15mseconds.

This inverter can provide a backup of 800W which is adequate for most of the home use in India. This has an enhanced battery life therefore you don’t have to worry a lot about its maintenance. Overall, this is a very efficient and good inverter worth a purchase.

Key features

  • Intellipure Sinewave technology-based
  • LED Display showing inverter status
  • High-speed DSP processor
  • Auto-reset feature
  • Less UPS transfer time
  • Multi-stage battery charger
  • One battery system
  • Manual bypass
  • Small LED indicators

5.Luminous Cruz 2kVA -10kVA

This is the ideal choice for larger residences, motels, villas or any large space. This has the usual features you expect from an inverter, but this deals with larger tasks and multiple appliances. The multi-battery systems makes it a convenient option for larger occasions.

Key features

  • Quick switchover
  • 21 Amp charging
  • Protection for sensitive appliances
  • Works well for Air Conditioners
  • Not all devices have bypass switches or a high input voltage range
  • Heavy

6.Apc 850VA Inverter

America Power Conversion is one of the best brands in the industry of producing inverters. This comes with 3 stage external battery charging systems for a supercharge.

This comes with a special switch prevents unwanted power discharges when there’s no one at home. This is capable of providing a 500W output which can be adequate for some houses. And also, this comes with child-safe and feature so you don’t have to worry your kid meddling with this. Furthermore, the insulated and protected design makes it a noiseless operated and safe to handle inverter as well.

The enhanced battery life makes it a durable option and also its fast charging option makes it an ideal choice for frequent power cuts.

Key features

  • Sine Wave Technology
  • UPS –Inverter switch
  • Shockproof designed
  • Can be used for a range of electrical appliances
  • Flat plate or tubular batteries are compatible
  • No bypass switch
  • Not MCB protection

7.V-Guard 1150 VA Inverter 

V-Guard is a trusted brand in UPS and inverter manufacturing and has claimed to be one of the trusted brands in India as well. This comes with a few additional features that would be handy on an inverter, and in terms useful for you as well.

This can be operated using Tubular, Flat Plate or SMF batteries within 80-230AH. This has a dual-mode operation which makes it safe for electrical appliances like laptops and general equipment.

Key features

  • Battery gravity builder for battery builder
  • Water top-up reminder for convenience
  • Auto buzzing alert
  • Designed with pure sine wave technology
  • Supports large electrical equipment
  • Backup for only 4-5 hours

8.Luminous Cruze 3.5 kVA Inverter

This is another trusted product from Luminous and this is ideal for larger occasions or larger accommodations, offices where they require a large amount of backup in case of emergency. The design is sturdy and durable making it a long-lasting investment. 

Key features

  • Powered by 4 batteries
  • MCB Protection
  • Suitable for larger backup
  • Bypass switch for safety
  • Ergonomic design
  • Difficult to move around because of no wheels
  • Heavy design

9.Luminous Rapid Charge

This is a single battery 1650W inverter which is designed using RBC technology which makes the inverter charge 60 percent faster than ordinary inverters which can be a very handy option when there are frequent power cuts.

What makes this even better is that this charges its battery even in low voltage which can be handy. With all these options, the Luminous Rapid Charge comes in a considerable price range, which makes it affordable.

Key features

  • Incorporated with RBC technology
  • Intelligent Output Optimization feature
  • Home UPS based design
  • Twin output sockets for regular load
  • Capable of handling heavy power loads
  • Heavy design

10.Microtek UPS-900EB Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This is a compact inverter with a big ability to handle your home appliances. This has a good power capacity to run a house and is a worthwhile purchase. This comes with 6 LED indicators to keep you updated of the different voltage parameters which you should be knowing.

Key features

  • Inbuilt CCTV technology and auto trickle mode
  • 720W output
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Pure Sine Wave Technology
  • Smart Overload Sensor for protection
  • Fast charging
  • Battery terminal cable is not long enough
  • No bypass switch
  • Not suitable for larger, high power required appliances

11.Sukam Solar Home UPS Inverter

Solar power is a safe and the best energy to substitute the energy crisis. Most of the time, there’s a certain energy loss during the energy conversion that cannot be regained. The only solution to stop the energy loss is to switch to green energy or in other words solar energy.

Key features

  • Automatically switches to battery power
  • Battery charged using solar power
  • Efficient and economical
  • Useful during long power cuts
  • Noiseless operation
  • Cannot charge during battery mode
  • Replacement required in 2-3 years
  • Expensive option
  • Solar panels are expensive

12.Sukam Smiley 850VA Inverter

This is a very home friendly inverter designed with an eye-catching, robust structure which has the ability to wirelessly connect to your phone or any other device in which you can manipulate all the settings and functions of the inverter.

This attractively designed model is a durable one because of the robust material used in its manufacture, which is polycarbonate plastic. Due to this reason, this becomes a fireproof and shockproof version of the Sukam inverters.

Key features

  • Pure Sine Wave Technology
  • Inbuilt software to connect wirelessly with your phone
  • Information LCD display to keep you updated
  • Best safety option
  • Considerable price range
  • Comes in Lead-Acid battery

Our Recommendations about the Best Inverters in India

Here we tried to introduce you to some of the best inverters in India which would be an ideal choice for an inverter. But there can be different needs and requirements according to different persons and therefore we recommend you to buy one which suits your purpose.

For home use

  • Microtek UPS SEBz 1100VA inverter
  • Apc 850 inverter
  • Sukam Smiley Inverter
  • Sukam Solar Panel
  • Microtek UPS 900EB
  • V-Guard 1150

For large use

  • Luminous Cruz 3.5

Green- energy Use

  • Sukam Solar Panel

Wireless connection enabled inverter

  • Sukam Smiley Inverter

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Importance of Inverters

An inverter is an appliance that converts energy from one form to another. Usually, the current inside inverters are in DC form. But if it is to be used in our day to day appliances it needs to be converted into AC form which is done by the inverter.

This is a useful substitution when there are frequent power cuts in your area, and having an inverter can have your day by not delaying your daily chores. Although that can be true we need to keep in mind that the ability of an inverter to support all your house appliances depends on the size of the battery, the capacity it can bear and the output voltage.

In India, inverters can be the best option for frequent power cuts. The backup stored in the inverter can power up your necessary equipments and provide medium capacity power ups for daily home use. But this option needs to be considered if you looking for something that can power up for a huge capacity. This is related to the capacity of the battery you choose. The larger it gets the more it can perform.

Type of inverters

There are different types of inverters in the market that come under a specific technology. Here are a few for your benefit.

Sine Wave Inverter

Sine Wave inverters are the rather expensive and complex model because of its design. The power is generated by a rotating AC machinery. This is an ideal inverter to deal with sensitive and heavy appliances as the power can be adjusted based on one’s preference and needs at home or elsewhere. Since many appliances in the market are designed to suit the sine wave technology, this can be a very good choice and efficient one to make.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter

The difference in this model is that the waves are designed in a form more like a square, unlike the original sine waveform. However, this is not as efficient as the Sine Wave inverter and therefore will have to expect slight noises and humming during the operation. But, the plus side is that this is rather cheaper to the Sine Waveform.

Square Wave Inverter

This has a square-shaped waveform and therefore, is the least expensive and also the least expensive model as well. This converts a DC to AC but the output is not pure AC. This is suitable for minor appliances.

Consider before buying the best Inverter in India

Your power requirement

This is based on the different appliances you have in your house and the number of appliances you have as well. To make an accurate choice, first count the number of electrical appliances that you will require a backup and their relative watt power, and then decide what capacity inverter suits your household by considering the total watt power that is required to power up the house. That will be the ideal inverter capacity for your house.

Inverter Capacity

The capacity of the inverter is denoted in VA-Volt Amperes, and the PF-Power Factor is a variable between 0.6 to 0.8. Therefore, the total inverter capacity needed to run your house is a simple calculation where you have to divide the total power needed to run your house by the specific power factor of the inverter.

Say perhaps, you get 700VA as the answer form your calculation, then that is the power capacity that you need to search in an inverter that suits your home, but it is always wise to go for an inverter with a slight increase of the power capacity needed, for added benefit.

Output from by the Inverter

Each inverter is designed based on a certain technology, like the Sine waveform or the Square waveform which has its own purposes. You need to know the technology behind the inverter you buy because it is going to create an impact on your appliances.

The Sine waveform is safe for sensitive electrical appliances and is efficient. Make sure you consider this option to guarantee the safety of your appliances.

Inverter VA and Battery WA

The capacity of an inverter is measured by the VA and the capacity of the battery is measured by WA. Battery capacity is simply the total electricity which is stored in the backup and the inverter capacity is how much electricity it can serve to the appliances in a unit time.

Therefore, the battery capacity and the inverter capacity you choose to have in your home should match each other, because, even if you have a large capacity battery if you inverter capacity is low you cannot provide backup to your larger appliances or even to all the appliances in the house.

Home wiring

The home needs to have the facility to hold power backups from inverters. Some people prefer to contain their backups only for a selected number of appliances. Some appliances need a large backup considering their power consumption and therefore the battery requirement is also high.

If that is your requirement as well, first you need to consult your technician and confirm if your house wiring system can contain power backups.

Tips to buy a battery for an inverter

Battery Capacity

The battery is the powerhouse of the inverter and the most important component of the inverter as well. The battery capacity of the inverter depends on how many hours you desire to run with the inverter’s power.

For this purpose, calculate the total power needed in watts into the desired backup hours to see what battery capacity you have to look into finding an inverter.

Battery Types

There are different types of batteries in the market that are used for inverters out of which the Flat Plate battery, the Tubular battery and the free maintenance batteries are common.

These batteries differ from each other according to their efficiency, performance, lifespan, maintenance and price. Before making a purchase, first be aware of the different batteries and their purposes.

Flat Plate Battery

This is a lead-acid type battery that is the most common type for inverters. These are very economical and its lightweight makes it very convenient. The price ranges between Rs. 8500 to Rs. 15,000 and therefore is fairly affordable. But the disadvantage of this battery is the constant maintenance it requires. You need to fill the distilled water in the battery once in every 3 months or 6 months.

If this maintenance is delayed it can cause damage to the battery and ultimately bring it to a position where you can’t use it anymore. Because of these issues, the battery has a short life span and can be very unhealthy as they emit toxic gases while charging and discharging. 

Because of these reasons these batteries are mostly replaced by tubular batteries nowadays.

Tubular Battery

This battery is an improved version and is more advantageous over the flat plate battery because this has a longer lifespan than the flat plates and is far more efficient than the flat plates as well. But these are fairly expensive than the flat plate ranging from Rs. 9000 to 26,000.

However, the protection offered by this battery makes it durable and long-lasting. If the price is not an issue in your means, this is a good option to go.

Maintenance-free Battery

This battery is developed with a special electrolyte that does not need to be refilled unlike regular inverters which makes this an absolutely maintenance-free inverter.

If there’s no maintenance that means that there is no toxic gas emission that happens when the inverters are recharged. This is an ideal pic for busy people who often forget to check their inverter water levels. But the disadvantage of this battery is that not many brands create their inverters applying this battery and their scarcity makes it a tough find. The battery has a very short life span and therefore this is a far expensive option as well.

Inverter Compatibility

The inverter compatibility is a must look option as this determines the power backup that you require for the appliances in your home without making an unnecessary purchase.


Warranty is a must look feature as most inverters can easily fail due to varying reasons, and the warranty can save you from unnecessary payments. Sometimes you may come across instances where you find the same battery for two different prices. At times like that, the difference is because the costlier option has a longer warranty period which is a healthy choice.

Battery warranty and battery guarantee are two different features. The warranty can give you free repairs during the specified period related to any battery problems, but the guarantee can completely replace battery for free in case of failure or damage during the specified period. But some manufacturers misinterpret these two features, and therefore it is wise to clarify this matter before the purchase.

Price ranges of Batteries

The price range of the batteries differs from one to another based on their capacity, brand, warranty period and so many other factors. Usually, the longer the warranty period, is the costlier the battery is. But there are some instances in which you can get a replacement for your old battery by purchasing a new one for a 10%-20% discount which can be handy.

But sometimes the price difference is mainly because of the different dealers who sell these batteries. Make sure you compare prices from different places and inquire them whether they charge for the installation process as well.

How to increase the lifespan of an inverter battery?

The longevity of your inverter depends on how well the maintenance is done. Flat plate batteries need to be refilled with distilled water in their appropriate times. To avoid corrosion and rusting inside the inverter and battery make sure you anti-corrode the metallic surfaces.

Discharge and recharge the battery completely once a month for the betterment of the electrolyte. Don’t overcharge or overload the inverter which can make it less efficient. If you simply follow the guidelines in maintaining the inverter properly you can use it for a fairy longer time.

Square Wave Inverter vs Sine Wave Inverter

Sine Wave and Square Waves are the two common types that are generally purchased. But there are a few things that we believe that you should know in purchasing the best inverter in India.

Sine Wave Inverter:

  • Output similar to the AC current
  • Supports electrical appliances
  • Fairly noiseless operation
  • Safer than Square wave inverters
  • Costlier than Square wave inverters
  • Best inverters in India

Square Wave Inverter:

  • Devices gets heated up easily
  • Supports motors
  • Humming noise during operation
  • Less safe
  • Less costly

Modified Sine Wave Inverter:

  • Better than Square wave inverters
  • Cheaper than Sine wave inverters
  • Scarce model

Difference between UPS and Inverters

Definition of UPS:

UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply which can supply power even when there’s power cut and usually associates devices such as laptops and PCs.

Definition of Inverter:

Inverters are machines which convert DC current into AC current and thereby makes it suitable for appliances. This is usually stored as a backup to suit the various appliances within your household.

Although one may suggest that the inverter is a better option for laptops and PC backups, which is not the case. The inverter has a delay in switching which can result in data loss, data corruption and even damage to the CPU. The UPS can provide an extra 10-20 minutes backup which provides the user ample time to save their documents and avoid any data loss, which the inverter simply can’t handle.

In other means, the UPS is different from an inverter as it doesn’t need any maintenance at all because it has a sealed maintenance-free battery (SMF) unlike the common inverters. And also, the UPS comes in a fairly cheaper price range compared to an inverter.

But for your further information, these are the main factors that bridge the two appliance into two different categories

  • Purpose
  • Backup time- higher in inverters compared to UPS
  • Switch time delay
  • Maintenance
  • Price

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