12 Best Bluetooth Speakers in India

Bluetooth speakers are a must have device in every home nowadays. This compact device can totally handle all your music requirements whether it’s a gathering, a reunion or even a beach party. This portable device has more power than what it looks in physical size. So today we introduce the best Bluetooth speakers in India.

Play music, answer calls or even voice commands support with this device. But how do we know to make the right choice? This page is exclusively dedicated to help you, make a great deal. There are a few features that we believe you would want to know, and altogether by the end of this article, you are prepared to make the right choice.

1.JBL Go 2 Portable Wireless Speaker- Waterproof

Considering the variety of Bluetooth speakers in India, JBL is a reputed brand for its outstanding service and this got even better with the introduction of JBL Go 2, which is absolutely one of the best portable speakers in India. It comes in a modern sleek design and the controls are in the top of the speaker making it convenient to handle. The presence of the rubber covering makes it waterproof, and protects the charging port and Aux-in port.

  • Lightweight model
  • Water-resistant
  • Best budget Bluetooth speaker in India
  • High volume capacity
  • Excellent sound clarity
  • Speakerphone capability
  • 5 hr. battery life
  • MIC can be insensitive

2.Philips BT50B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This is a trusted product from a branded company, and its performance meets the match. This comes in 2.1 amplifiers and provides the absolute sound quality you expect from a quality Bluetooth speaker as this. This lasts for 6 hrs after a full charge and covers a considerable range of audibility for its size, and satisfies your wireless music streaming experience to the maximum.

  • Absolutely lightweight
  • Fits in the first or pocket
  • Anti-clipping function
  • Excellent sound clarity
  • Best Bluetooth portable speakers India

  • Not water resistant

3.Saregama Caravaan R20005 Portable Digital Music Player

This is a product from a reputed Indian company that has managed to gather the attention in the Bluetooth speaker industry. This comes in a retro vintage style which has caused this to be very attractive among all generations. This has a LCD screen display and in-built stereo speakers to provide you the ultimate music experience in old style.

  • Easy handling and attractive design
  • Able to tune into FM
  • Comes with a 5000 inbuilt music collection
  • Compatible with Bluetooth, USB, and FM radio playback
  • 6W speaker sound output
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 5 hr battery life
  • Can be heavy
  • Not water resistant

4.Marshall Kilburn

This is another retro-styled vintage Bluetooth speaker with a UK origin designed for an outstanding music experience. This has a leather fabric coated interior design which elevates its attraction as a Bluetooth speaker and also as an interesting ornament. The controls in this appliance are sleek and conveniently positioned.  This has a large driver subwoofer and two driver tweeters to provide you with maximum volume.

  • Consists a three speaker set up
  • Lasts up to 20 hours after a full charge
  • Replaceable battery
  • Covers a wide frequency response
  • Excellent sound clarity
  • One of the best Bluetooth speakers in India
  • Can’t charge using power banks
  • Not waterproof
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Can be an expensive option

5.boAt Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker with Monstrous Sound

This is a tough rugged tank-like structure designed with toughened fibre to suit outdoor amusement purposes. This provides amazing bass with two powerful speakers of 14W which can reach a high frequency, hence uplifting your music experience undisturbed by noise in the surroundings.

  • IPX5 certified waterproof and shockproof design
  • Ideal for outdoor journeying
  • 10 hr battery life from a single charge
  • Heavy-duty purposed
  • Best portable speaker in India
  • Heavy and bulky

6.Harman Kardon Go+ Play

This is a stylish nylon woven, sturdy Bluetooth speaker that is capable of handling heavy-duty tasks. This consists of two drivers, two tweeters and a big passive radiator to extend the bass and provide detailed sound. This is ideal for an outdoor amusement speaker, but when it comes to the clarity of the sound, you cannot expect it to be an excellent performer as it has a quite wobbly nature to the bass. Other than that, this Bluetooth speaker also lacks a few other added features which are available in other speakers.  But the performance of this speaker outruns all these minor aspects.

  • Premium materials used in design for durability
  • 8hr battery life
  • Can charge your phone using the speaker battery power
  • Dual microphones as a speaker for calls
  • Multi-room features and Wi-Fi not enabled
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Comparatively slow bass

7.Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus

This is a cylindrical Bluetooth speaker, unlike the normal design, to provide 360 degrees music experience to the user with their dual opposing-passive radiators and the transducer to improve the clarity of the music and chase away any distortion. This is an excellent performer, in fact the loudest Bluetooth speaker from Bose.

  • Amazing bass performance
  • Compact and easy to carry around
  • Simple controls
  • Built-in mic
  • Splash-resistant
  • Shock-resistant
  • Capable of Google voice commands and Siri
  • Stays up to 16hr from a single charge
  • Best Bluetooth portable speakers in India
  • Expensive option

8.Sony SRS XB10 Extra Bass Portable Splash-proof Wireless Speaker

This is a handy little appliance, but a loud performer at the same time. This is a round-shaped device with a strap attached to the speaker so you can easily hang it and carry it wherever you want. Because of its size and structure, this is convenient to be placed anywhere and the rubber grip provides stability, so your speaker doesn’t easily trip off. The speaker has a passive radiator with a mono-aural speaker to provide you an awesome music experience.

  • Designed with Extra Bass Technology
  • NFC connectivity available
  • Mic available
  • 16 hr battery power
  • Best budget Bluetooth speaker India
  • IPX5 certified/Water-resistant
  • The bass reflectors project sound downwards

9.boAT Stone 200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is another innovative introduction by boAT, which comes with additional flexibility in the customer’s side. This is a rubber-coated matte finish design with simple controls which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This can be paired with any device that supports Bluetooth technology and can connect the speaker with Aux. This is an all-purpose alternative for anyone who wants to make the maximum use of a Bluetooth speaker and enjoy an outstanding music experience.

  • IPX7 rated
  • Compact and handy design
  • MIC available
  • 10 hrs battery life
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Best budget Bluetooth speaker India
  • Bass can get a little cranky in high volume, but totally worth the product

10.Bose SoundLink Micro 783342-0100 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This is another small Bluetooth speaker which offers a monstrous sound, unexpected from its compact, rugged figure.  The sound comes from its upgraded transducer and silicone passive radiators which produces sound better than any other. The hard materials used in this design ensures durability and heavy use. The Bose Connect App which comes along with this device gives you the advantage to double the sound output, turn this onto Party Mode or Stereo Mode.  Considering the prices of Bluetooth speakers in Singapore, if you don’t mind to purchase an expensive on that has all these features, this is the best Bluetooth speaker  for you.

  • IPX7 rated
  • Speakerphone available
  • Compact and portable
  • Waterproof and tear-resistant
  • Access Google Assistant or Siri
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo Dot
  • Voice prompt
  • Bose Connect App
  • Durable design
  • 6hr battery life, which some find not enough
  • Can be an expensive option

11.TAGG Sonic Angle 1 Water Resistant Wireless Portable Speaker with Microphone

 This is a triangular-shaped portable Bluetooth speaker which comes with a bass radiator fit enough to suit your parties and gatherings.  The innovative style makes it charming and different from other speakers and gives this more attention from others.

  • IPX5 Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • 10hrs battery charge
  • Dual connection via Bluetooth is compatible
  • Built-in MIC
  • Inexpensive
  • Aux port available
  • Wireless Stereo Mode available
  • Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker in India
  • Poor music quality compared to others

12.Echo Dot (3rd Generation)-New and Improved Smart Speaker with Alexa (Black)

This is a small and compact Bluetooth speaker that fits for big purposes, in fact the bestselling speaker reported. This absolutely takes the ordinary Bluetooth speaker to the next level by introducing new skills and traits that makes this versatile and helpful. This is absolutely a revolutionary Bluetooth speaker which suits this decade, and if you expect an all-purpose device, this is your best option.

  • Lightweight
  • Voice command smart speaker
  • Excellent personal assistant- Alexa
  • Can make phone calls
  • Compatible in different languages
  • Built to suit the smart home concept
  • Maintains privacy
  • Best portable speaker India
  • Auxiliary code unavailable
  • Can be quite expensive

Our Recommendations about the Best Bluetooth Speakers in India

This page is dedicated to introduce you, 12 best Bluetooth speakers in India. The price of Bluetooth speakers in India can vary, but that is because each speaker has its own varying performance.

If you are looking for a lightweight, portable and efficient Bluetooth speaker, the JBL Go2, Philips BT50B, Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus/Micro, Sony SRS-XB10, boAT Stone 200 and Amazon Echo Dot are your best options.

But if you are keen on the price of Bluetooth speakers in India, the JBL Go 2, Philips BT50B, Sony SRS-XB10 and boAT Stone 200 portable are your budget options.

But if you want a heavy-duty Bluetooth speaker to rock your parties and don’t mind the price, the Saregeama Caravaan, Marshall Kilburn, boAT Stone 1000 Bluetooth speaker with monstrous sound, Harmon Kardon Go+ are your best options.

If you are a person who is very particular about the bass in your music, the TAGG Sonic Angle, Sony SRS-XB10 Extra Bass, boAT Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker with Monstrous Sound/ 200 portable speakers are your options.

But if you desire a high quality Bluetooth speaker with smart features for your indoor and recreational uses you should stick to the Bose speakers and the Amazon Echo Dot.

Why should you choose a Bluetooth Speaker?

Most people are used to listen to music using their phones or tablets or maybe their speakers at home. But there comes a time when you really want to enjoy the quality of music, maybe focus more on the bass, if you want to travel along with your music or pump up a party, the ordinary methods don’t seem to fit in.

That is when you need a Bluetooth Speaker to fit the spot. Modern Bluetooth speakers come in portable sizes which makes it convenient to carry. Now, you don’t have to worry about music and volume as long as you have a Bluetooth speaker. This is a hassle-free task as you don’t have to deal with wires all the time. This is the best alternative to leave behind all your traditional music devices aside and trend in with the new sleek, portable, multifunctional Bluetooth speaker experience.

The way it works

Bluetooth speakers create a Bluetooth connection, which is a link with your speaker and device within a certain range. The Bluetooth speaker includes the bluetooth connectivity, battery, amplifier and speakers and an auxiliary cord. The controlling is done by the various buttons on the surface of the Bluetooth speaker and it is an easy to operate affair which is not complicated. Bluetooth speakers in India is not a new thing, and many people have already experienced how convenient this device can be.

Consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are amazing devices that make listening to music a truly convenient affair. But there are many brands out there in the market, and sometimes we are not aware of their features and therefore don’t know how to make a wise selection. These are some tips that you need to know before making a purchase.

Battery life

Normally battery life of a Bluetooth speaker needs to be comparatively long because you don’t expect to recharge the device all the time. Small Bluetooth speakers usually have small batteries which last for only a couple of hours while the heavy-duty ones can hold their power for longer hours. It all depends on how loud you listen to music because louder volumes require more current. The types of batteries can also create an impact to the longevity of the device. Make sure to charge your device properly and don’t overcharge them at the same time, if you want to use them for a long time.

Audio quality

Always check the frequency response range and specifications for total harmonic distortion which can guarantee the quality of the speaker. The frequencies are denoted like 150Hz-20 kHz and such. The 150Hz is the low frequency which is the bass quality which most of us crave for, therefore the lower the better it is. The 20 kHz is the high-frequency point which is not very important because we don’t hear sound up to that range.

Audio Power

This means the watt power of the speakers which decides the power of the sound. This can vary from speaker to speaker and depending on its use. Bluetooth speakers used for outdoor or larger area use may need a larger watt power, while Bluetooth speakers for indoor use depends on your taste.

Bluetooth Version

There are many Bluetooth versions available, but the version that goes well for Bluetooth speakers is version 2.1 and above. The advanced the version is, the more it can carry data and provide a solid connection between the devices. Advanced versions have the capability of collecting data from different trackers and sensors and that can be an advantageous option.

Connecting multiple speakers

If you like to have a stereo experience then this is a feature you need to look for. Some Bluetooth speakers have the ability to connect multiple speakers to provide stereo sound to pump up your mood, and if you like that experience, then you should look for this option.


Near Field Communications allows you to connect the Bluetooth speakers directly to the device, but the devices need to be NFC enabled. This can be done by simply tapping the two devices with each other to generate the connection.

Wired inputs

Some devices can only be connected through a wire. So, if you have any devices that work only with wires you will have to check this option before choosing your Bluetooth speaker. Most Bluetooth speakers have an input jack, so you don’t have to worry about finding an exclusive Bluetooth speakers.

Speakerphone capability

Bluetooth speakers can do more than just giving you the ultimate music experience. It can also be used to make phone calls. For this, the Bluetooth speaker needs to have a microphone with the speakerphone function. This is ideal for you when multitasking in your office, room, or even if you want to have a group chat.


Most people nowadays look for this option as many tech gadgets are modified to be waterproof. It is very convenient when it is waterproof because then you don’t have to worry when your Bluetooth speaker gets wet or damp. This is a useful option as it allows users to take Bluetooth speakers to places where they couldn’t before, like to the swimming pool or to the beach. Many best Bluetooth speakers in India offer this option, but, you have to make sure of this before you experiment with this and cause trouble because some Bluetooth speakers are only waterproof but not submersible in water.


Nowadays, Bluetooth speakers come in various sizes and shapes from little boxes to trapeziums and prisms or even vivid shapes. The size defines its portability, whereas smaller ones are designed to carry around, while the larger ones are usually for parties or gatherings with much louder volume. Bluetooth speakers in India come in various sizes and shapes, and therefore there is a wide selection.


Although this could be thought to be the least considered attribute this is the most considered attribute when it comes to choosing Bluetooth speakers. Many of the best Bluetooth speakers in India come with a variety of style and color to suit the gender, age or even the generation. This has made the Bluetooth speaker to become a very prominent device among everybody.

Buy according to your requirements

Different Bluetooth speakers serve different purposes. First, you need to analyze your requirement. Is it for my personal and indoor use? Is it for outdoor recreation? Do I really need a waterproof one? Do I really need the smart features? This has to be a personal analysis.

If you are finding for a Bluetooth speaker for indoor use, you can try on some cheaper alternatives.

But if you are a traveler, or if you spend most of the time outdoors, partying, then you have to set your hands on a more durable, loud and water-resistant alternative to save your changes.

Battery power is a key aspect that you need to have in mind. If you spend most of your time outdoors with your Bluetooth speaker, you will not always have the chance to recharge your device. Therefore choose a Bluetooth speaker which suits your lifestyle.

Think about the Price and the Durability

You don’t want to see your Bluetooth speaker thrown away after a couple of months, do you? That is why we dedicated this page to acknowledge some of the best Bluetooth portable speakers in India to help you make a great choice. Therefore always check for the durability of the product. Some of the best Bluetooth portable speakers in India are water-resistant, shock-resistant and scratch-resistant and so on, which brings added benefit for the durability of the product.

Another major aspect you need to consider before making a purchase is the price. Is it really worth the price? The speaker may look very nice but does it go with your wallet? You first need to research about the item that you plan on buying because not all Bluetooth speakers are really good as they seem. You can ask from users who have been using Bluetooth speakers for a considerable time, and get their opinion on various products.

You can also read reviews and various comments that talk about various Bluetooth speakers. Remember that the most expensive Bluetooth speakers are not meant to be the best. You can still get a very good Bluetooth speaker for a cheaper rate. Make sure you read trustworthy articles that provide true information about the device before making a move. We hope that this information would have been useful for you in making a good choice in Bluetooth speakers.

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