12 Best Air Purifiers in India

Air purifiers are devices which clean the air in the surrounding and makes it clean for people and animals to breathe. Air purifiers have become very essential for the past few years, especially in India due to the rising air pollution.

This is a very useful and important device that should be available in every household, and that is why we are here to introduce you the best air purifiers in India. Here you will see some very good choices of air purifiers that are worth buying and some features that you would want to know before you make the purchase.

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1.Philips High-Efficiency Air Purifier with VitaShield Intelligent Purification-3000 Series

Among the many best air purifiers in India, the Philips air purifier is a trustworthy brand that comes with VitaSheild technology which can remove fine dust particles and make the air you breathe absolutely safe. This has a NanoProtect HEPA filter which is ideal for people who are sensitive to dust and other allergens and helps them to breathe easily. Moreover, the activated carbon in the Philips air purifier filter protects the air from harmful gases to breathe, and the AeraSense technology incorporated in this design evaluates the air condition and quality and makes sure that you always breathe healthy air.

  • Presence of NanoProtect HEPA filter
  • Silent performance due to Sleep Mode option
  • Can handle rooms up to 800 square meters
  • Safe for night use
  • Best air purifier for Delhi
  • Best air purifier in India
  • Trusted brand and durable product
  • 393m3/hr CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
  • Can be an expensive option

2.Coway Sleek Pro AP- 1009 Air Purifier

This is one of the best air purifiers for homes in India without a doubt. This comes in a compact size and an attractive way but has all the important features you expect from an air purifier. The purification happens in three stages. First the pre-filter removes the dust particles from the air. Next, the carbon filter removes all harmful gases and malodours from the air. Lastly, the multi-layer HEPA filter removes any microscopic dust particles or harmful germs and viruses in the air which is an ideal and important option if you have infants in your houses. This also has an air quality indicator which shows the quality of the air and assures if it’s healthy to breathe

  • Suitable in bedrooms and living rooms
  • Powerful air filtration
  • User-friendly control options
  • Ideal air purifier for the home
  • Silent performance
  • 303 m3/hr CADR
  • Night mode feature is unavailable

3.MI Air Purifier 2C

This is an ideal air purifier to suit your living room or bedroom because of its size and efficiency. This air purifier is very easy to handle and maintain which makes it one of the best air purifiers for homes in India. This has a DIY filter change feature which is very convenient in changing filters, and the Auto Mode option makes it an independent air purifier. This comes with a very good filtration process included and the air quality indicator keeps you aware of the quality of the air you are breathing.

  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms
  • Powerful filtration process
  • 350m3/hr CADR
  • Night Mode is unavailable

4.Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier

Honeywell air purifier performs an advanced air circulation that takes in air from both the side and the bottom and emits purified air from above. This has a Pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an added HiSiv filter which ensures absolutely clean air for you to breathe. This also has an air quality indicator which keeps you in track of the quality of air that you are breathing. This is an energy-efficient and durable appliance that includes DIY installation.

  • Powerful filtration process
  • Air quality indicator
  • Energy-efficient and long-lasting performance
  • Auto mode available
  • 300m3/hr CADR
  • Best air purifier for Delhi
  • Can have a boring design
  • Can be a little noisy when handled manually

5.Mi Air Purifier 2S

This air purifier has almost similar features of the Mi Air Purifier 2C but is designed using Alexa Echo Dot Technology, which is an added feature. This has three filtration stages which are the Pre-Filter which gets rid of all the large pollutants, the HEPA filter which gets rid of the harmful viruses and the Carbon filter which refines your air even more. This takes air from all its sides and performs a 3600 cyclical filtration. There is a laser sensor which checks the air quality and the best part is that this can be remotely controlled by a smart device.

  • Powerful filtration process
  • Energy-efficient
  • Smart purifier
  • Silent performance
  • Ideal air purifier for the home
  • 310 m3/hr CADR
  • Can be difficult to clean the filter

6.Honeywell Air Touch 5

This air purifier is another product from the Honeywell series. This also comes with the three Pre-filter, HEPA filter and Honeywell’s HiSiv filter which ensures clean air to breathe, eliminated from pet dander or any other allergens. This has a child lock to makes sure that your kid doesn’t meddle with this, an on and off switch, an air quality indicator and a three-speed fan control. This also has the usual features like, Sleep mode, Auto mode and conserves electricity which can be an added advantage to your electricity bill.

  • Powerful filtration
  • Child lock and added features
  • 250m3/hr CADR
  • Ideal for rooms
  • One of the best air purifiers India, and in fact one of the best air purifiers for Delhi
  • Filters need to be replaced from time to time
  • Has an audible noise

7.Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887/20

Philips air purifier is, without doubt, one of the best air purifiers in India.  What makes this unique is its purification modes which are the General mode, the Extra Sensitive Allergen Mode and the Extra Powerful Virus and Bacteria Mode which gives you extra clean air. The Philips air purifier is designed using Aerasense Technology which has the ability to eliminate fine dust particles and clean your air to the maximum quality.

  • Sleep mode available
  • Ability to dim or turn off the lights of the air purifier
  • Alerts you when you need to change filters
  • 344m3/hr CADR
  • Powerful filtration process which includes three stages and added features
  • Best air purifier India
  • Capacitates only one room

8.Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Model DP04

Dyson is another competitive brand that produces some of the best air purifiers in India, and this is a very good air purifier for the home. This comes with an air quality indicator, powerful vacuum-sealed glass HEPA and Carbon filters to purify the air. This is designed using the Air Multiplier Technology which purifies air in great amounts within a short time range. This is a worthy investment to make for a good air purifier

  • Ability to change the oscillation angles within a wide range
  • Night Mode available
  • Changing filters is hassle-free
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled
  • Best air purifier for homes in India
  • Costly appliance

9.Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350

This is a reputed air purifier that comes from an Indian company which specializes in the technology of making various purifiers. The special feature of this appliance is that it comes with seven types of filters to handle the air purification. A Pre-filter to remove larger dust particles, an anti-Bacterial filter to remove bacteria and harmful viruses, a HEPA filter to filter finer dust particles, an Activated Carbon filter to remove malodour, a Photo Catalyst filter to eliminate infections, a UV filter to remove microbes and an Ionizer further filter your air. This purifier also comes with an air quality indicator and odour sensor too.

  • Ideal air purifier for the home
  • Powerful filtration process
  • Portable
  • Remote controlled access
  • Inbuilt timers for auto stop and start options
  • 225m3/hr CADR
  • Sleep mode and child lock unavailable
  • Auto mode and Night mode unavailable

10.Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Wi-Fi enabled Air Purifier, TP03

This air purifier which also comes from Dyson is designed with Air Multiplier Technology which ensures cleaner air to breathe. This air purifier has a 3600 vacuum-sealed glass HEPA filter designed to trap the smallest dust particle in your surroundings. This purification involves a mechanism in which the minute dust particles are forced into the filters ensuring that no harmful dust particles remain in your air.

  • Ideal option for people who are sensitive to dust and pollution
  • Low face velocity
  • Efficient performance
  • Powerful filtration
  • Easy installation
  • Best air purifier for homes in India
  • Can be a costly option

11.Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier TP04

This is another quality product from Dyson designed with Air Multiplier Technology. This comes with three sensors to analyze the air quality. The air quality is detected every 12 seconds and provides the user with a graph to understand the quality of air. This also comes with a 3600 vacuum-sealed glass HEPA filter to trap harmful gases, malodours and fine dust particles.

  • Enables real-time monitoring
  • Night Mode with less noise and dim light
  • Presence of a draught-free diffused mode to distribute clean air
  • Replacing filters is hassle-free
  • Possesses a fan to cool the room during hot days
  • Maintenance is minimum
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth option available
  • Ideal air purifier for the home
  • One of the best air purifiers in India
  • Can be an expensive option

12.Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20

This Philips Air Purifier is one of the best air purifiers in India, popular for its trusted service and quality. This has five-speed modes an added feature, which is the Allergen Mode which can be helpful for people who are sensitive to allergens and dust. This has a color ring which provides feedback to the user about the quality of air in different color codes. There’s also a professional sensor which provides advanced air quality details to the user.

The purifier follows three filtering stages which are the Pre-filter stage, Activated Carbon filter, and the Extra Thick NanoProtect HEPA filter to ensure absolutely clean air for respiration. Philips air purifiers can be guaranteed to be the best air purifiers in India.

  • Powerful filtration for excellent breathing
  • 367m3/hr CADR
  • Easy to operate and move
  • Sleep mode and low noise options are available
  • Easy to clean and replace filters
  • Attractive design
  • Best air purifier for home in India
  • Best air purifier India
  • Can be a little noisy, when the fan is on
  • Can be fairly expensive

Our Recommendations about the Best Air Purifiers in India

Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier

  • The Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier is a cost-effective and efficient air purifier if you are finding for one that fits your bedrooms or living room. This comes in the three standard filtering stages and it is easy to handle due to its user-friendly options. This is also one of the best air purifiers for homes in India.

Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 air purifier

  • The Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 features seven powerful filtering stages to ensure ultimate air purification. This also has a remote-controlled feature to time your air purification and additional odour sensors and air quality indicators for better advantage. 

Honeywell Air Touch i8-42 W & Honeywell Air Touch 5

  • The Honeywell Air Touch Series offers Air Touch i8-42 W and Air Touch 5 comes with a powerful HiSiv filter which increases the efficiency of air purification. They come with different touch controls, modes and indicators to keep you aware of the air quality and when you need to change the filter. These come with a powerful CADR which is an ideal air purifier for the home if you live in highly polluted areas.

Mi Air Purifier 2S & Mi Air Purifier 2C air purifier

  • The Mi Air Purifier 2S and 2C are energy-efficient air purifiers that are designed in a DIY method and have a 3600 cyclic filtration process and a three-layered filtering process altogether to ensure maximum filtration. Changing the filters is an easy process and the different modes in this appliance make it a beneficial choice.

Dyson Series introduces Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier DP04/TP04 & Pure Cool Link Tower

  • The Dyson Series introduces Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier DP04/TP04 and Pure Cool Link Tower with Wi-Fi enabled to provide you the ultimate solution for air purification. This is designed using the Air Multiplier Technology, multiple sensors to keep you updated on the air purification, powerful filtration stages, and different modes and control options to suit your requirements. This can be recommended as one of the best air purifiers in India, despite its price.

Philips High-Efficiency Air Purifier , Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20 & Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887/20 s

  • Philips Air Purifiers have always been reputed for its excelling performance in its purifying technologies. The Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20, High-Efficiency Vita Shield 3000 Series and 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887/20 s designed with NanoProtect HEPA filters, ozone free filters, and a strong CADR to ensure maximum filtration and various advanced sensors and modes to fit your ease. This is easy to handle, easy to clean and replace which makes this one of the best air purifiers India, in fact, it is one of the best air purifiers for homes in India.

Types of filters


This is the first layer of filter which removes the larger dust particles or larger microbes in the air. This is easy to maintain because this is made out of nylon or any other washable material which is easy to maintain and replace. Maintenance is required for longevity.

True HEPA filter:

This filter type is one of the most important layers in an air purifier to ensure the removal of pollen, smoke and dust. HEPA filters are an essential feature for those who suffer from asthma or respiratory allergies. This filter is categorized using the letters A, B, C, D and E based on their cleaning performance and the grading increases from A to E. The best air purifiers India should always have this option.

BioGS HEPA filter:

This is an advanced version of the True HEPA filter which captures the microscopic impurities in the air.

HEPA-type filter:

This is not effective as the True HEPA filter, and can be cleaned using a vacuum and doesn’t need to be replaced, therefore is cost-effective.

Activated Carbon (or just Carbon) filter:

This is a bed of porous activated carbon granules which is used to absorb impurities, malodours and harmful chemicals and gases. 

Photocatalytic filter:

The catalyst in this filter is titanium dioxide which is powered using UV rays to filter the impurities in the air. But as a side effect, this process can emit ozone gases which can be harmful to the environment.

Ionic filter:

This filter releases charged ions to capture ultra-fine dust particles using its static electricity. This is washable, which is advantageous, but it is quite difficult because the dust is stuck to the filter.

Top feature in Air Purifiers

Ion Generator:

Activates an ionic field to trap the pollutants without creating Ozone

UV-C Light:

Eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses from the air using radiation in a harmless way


Effective in destroying bacteria, viruses and odour, but certain degrees of ozone can be harmful to humans. If it’s to be a best air purifier in India, the appliance needs to be ozone free.

PlasmaWave Technology:

Kills bacteria and harmful viruses and prevents allergies and respiratory issues in a safe way

Smart Enabled Features:

These features include keeping the user updated on the air quality by real-time air quality monitoring and also gives you the ability to control or schedule the air purification process by operating through smart devices. Many of the best air purifiers in India incorporate this feature into their product.

Clean-Cel Anti-Bacterial Treatment:

Eliminates the growth of bacteria and fungi in the air filter and increases the longevity of the air filter

Smart Sensors:

Monitors the odor and air contaminated levels in the room and activates the purification process.

Light Sensors:

Dims the light of the appliance during the night time, when you are sleeping or activates the Sleep Mode

Electrostatic Collection Plates:

These collect the particles that fall apart during the ionizing process. This can be washed and reused.

Do Air Purifiers really work?

Air purifiers do an additional cleaning job in your surroundings which cannot be done by any other appliance. You can clean your floors and furniture, but you can’t clean the air, which is why you need an air purifier. This improves the quality of air and makes it safe for you to breathe.

This has really been helpful to people who live in highly polluted cities or areas with respiratory issues because this doesn’t only eliminate dust, but also harmful gases in the air. Air purifiers are specially designed to cater these problems and are modified by different technologies and advanced filters to make the air you breathe 99.7% clean.

Consider before buying the Best Air Purifiers


Air Purifiers need to be regularly maintained for longevity. Some filters can be washable, therefore washing them time to time can increase their efficiency. Some others need to be wiped to remove the exterior dust while some others need to be replaced from time to time.

This can be a costly option with HEPA filters and carbon filters. But ignoring their replacement can cause the appliance to be less effective and it can ultimately cause the appliance to be irreplaceable. Even the best air purifiers in India needs to be maintained. Therefore always consider the maintenance cost before buying an appliance.

Running Cost:

If you have the appliance running throughout the day this can affect your electricity bills. Therefore always check the power consumption of the appliance or you can schedule your air purification time tables.

Weight and Portability:

If you want to have an air purifier for many rooms you can choose a lightweight appliance. Some air purifiers have wheels in them for portability, and therefore if you have an issue related to weight you should check this option.


Most appliances come with the night mode or sleep option which is silent when you sleep. Some appliances are designed with technologies which emit low noise levels or various adjustment options to make it less bothering.

Some facts you should know


ACH means Air Changes per Hour which signifies the number of times the air in the room changes to clean and fresh air. This is denoted by the multiplication sign with its power like 3x or 5x. The more the power the more the air gets purified, so it’s wiser to get purifiers with higher ACH depending on varying room sizes in your residence. This is also an important feature that needs to be considered if you have anyone at your place with respiratory issues.


CADR means Clean Air Delivery Rate which signifies how good the purifier can purify the air. The CADR feature measures three main pollutants which are dust, tobacco smoke and pollen. The measurement for each purification of this pollutant is denoted as for example 180/200/210 in which 180 is for dust, 200 is for tobacco smoke and 210 is for pollen. This is also a vital feature that needs to be available in the best air purifiers in India.

Indoor Air Pollution Level:

 First, you really need to know whether you want an air purifier. Some areas might not have terrible air pollution-related problems, but if you are living in a town or city which has a high air pollution rate, then your indoor air pollution level increases and you will need an air purifier.

Other than that, if you use mosquito coils, incense sticks, have pets, allergic to dust and have respiratory issues or recently renovated your premises which causes an imbalance in the indoor air pollution level, you will definitely need an air purifier. Considering the rising air pollution in India, it is advised to use air purifiers at home, which is why this page is dedicated to help you find the best air purifiers for homes in India. 

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